Divorce Coaching

Thinking about divorce? In the middle of a divorce? Or already divorced and unsure of how to rebuild?

A coaching program led by a male coach that’s designed to assist men transition through the intense conflict and resultant damage of the divorce process.

Your brain is on hyper-speed or you’re self-medicating with booze or risky behavior. You’re worried about how much time you’ll be able to spend with your kids or that you might have to move out of your home or create a Tinder profile.

The list of worries goes on from lawyer fees to splitting assets, but more importantly, you now have to rebuild your life. You’ve tapped out family and friends talking about your recent trauma, and frankly, you’d like to find a way to move forward and not continue to sink into a hopeless pit that you can’t seem to see out of. 

You want to find your way out of the chaos, stress, and overwhelm.

As your divorce coach, I will help you to reframe your thinking, get unstuck, and set goals so you can rebuild your life, gain stability and thrive after divorce. 

“Divorce coaching is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns.”- American Bar Association

Thinking about divorce? In the middle of a divorce? Or are you divorced and lack direction or unsure of how to rebuild?

Do you want to...

Take Control of your life


Be the hero of your story, rise up and reclaim your joy and happiness. The secret is not to spend your energy fighting the old, but to focus on build the new.