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Teaching techniques to shift your mindset before, during or after change so you can understand yourself, build synergy and achieve understanding resulting in increased confidence, self love, and ultimately success.

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The mission is the same no matter whether you’re  recently divorced or part of a team interested in improving your company culture; learning the power of your mind is the root of success. When people learn how to truly put themselves first and love themselves, the result is love and respect for those around them. The resulting self love creates compassion, empathy, a mindset of collaboration and a drive to succeed while also championing those around you.
Our programs shift your paradigm so you begin to clearly understand that you are the captain of your ship and the master of your kingdom. When people realize that they have the power within themselves to achieve their goals, their energy becomes contagious and they become unstoppable making reaching any goal inevitable. I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to learn how to live a life they love.

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Watch personal breakthroughs of dreamers living in their purpose.

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Lindsay McGlaughlin

I used to keep my goals bottled up and did not achieve them until someone helped me verbalize them.
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Teddy Woodhouse

I left the corporate world to build a real estate business, but I soon realized that I was creating another job for myself, working long hours. Golden Ticket Coaching helped me realize that I could create whatever I want in life.
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Dawn Napier

I was looking for someone to help me take my business to the next level. In the first  six months working with Kevin for, I saw a 30% increase in my business, a regional speaking engagement, and improved relationships in her personal life.

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